Pan African Music Awards

Where all Musical and Positive Vibe Creatives are Celebrated! We harmonize recognition and celebration of extraordinary musical artistry across borders. From soaring vocals to mesmerizing beats, unite with a community of music enthusiasts as they elevate the brightest stars to their rightful place in the melodic constellation.

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Wanna be part of something super cool? Check out the best music awards around! We've got all sorts of fun stuff like checking if things are original and giving out awesome prizes. If you're into music and wanna show off your talent, this is the place to be!


PAMA General Categories

Best Original Music Single

Best Live DJ Performance Video

Best Original Spoken Word/Inspirational Video

Best Music Video

Best Movie Trailer

Best Mixed Video Media Link

PAMA Exclusive Categories (Non-Voting/Appointed)

PAMA Humanitarian of the Year

PAMA Favorite Brand Ambassadors 2024

PAMA Lifetime Creative Award for the Year

Voting Process

The Pan African Music Awards (PAMA) emphasizes the importance of originality and integrity in submissions, requiring human verification and validation of all entries. Entries must be original and no more than a year old, with links from approved websites and platforms. Submissions should adhere to standards of quality and positivity, excluding content featuring violence, nudity, or offensive language. Entrants must ensure they have all necessary rights to submit their projects and agree to PAMA's copyright disclaimer. For full guidelines and submission details, please follow the link below to participate in this prestigious event.

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Event Details

Pan African Music Awards Gala (PAMA) - Virtual

PAMA, the “Pan African Music Awards”, is a vibrant live virtual international music event showcasing a diverse array of global musical genres. It brings music enthusiasts together to experience a rich tapestry of sounds and fosters cultural exchange through the universal language of music.



Top PAMA Creators

DJ Randy Watson

DJ Technics

Our Mission

Our mission for PanAm Awards is simply to celebrate the artistry and creativity of musicians from all over the world. We want to showcase the best of the best, from emerging talents to established icons, and give them the recognition they truly deserve. And above all, we are absolutely passionate about music and everything that it represents – whether it’s the power to inspire, the ability to unite or the sheer joy of simply sharing positive vibes to the diaspora!

About Us

The Pan African Music Awards (PAMAs) is an annual international creative competition hosted by, celebrating and mentoring aspiring creative influencers worldwide. Open to submissions from various creative disciplines, PAMAs fosters a positive environment for growth and collaboration among creatives from all regions of the globe. Learn more about PAMAs and how to participate for opportunities to showcase your work and be part of the voting process for the People’s Choice finalists.

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We are so grateful for all of the incredible support that we receive from our amazing nominees, sponsors, voters, and attendees! Your participation and engagement are what help make our events such a huge success! If at any point you have any questions or concerns about our nomination process, voting process, sponsorship process, or event details, we would be more than happy to help answer them for you! Just let us know what you need, and we’ll be there to assist you in any way we can!

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